Friday, November 16, 2012

An introduction

I am going to attempt to keep a regular blog about movies.  So let me give you the run-down.

Q: Why is this a thing?
A: You've got some nerve, asking a question like that.  I watch a lot of movies and I usually have opinions.  This is a forum for me to share things about them, what I liked, what I didn't, overall impressions.

Q: What is your spoiler policy?
A: I am going to try to avoid spoilers for newish movies, and will spoil the everloving shit out of older ones.

Q: What the hell is "A Gene Pick"?
A: Gene was the video store employee from "The Comeback" who only liked movies that pandered to the lowest common denominator.

Q: And the blog's address?
A: Erol's Video was the video rental place in my neighborhood that I rented all my movies from when I was a teenager, when I first started being aware that this was a thing I liked doing.

Q: Are you qualified to review movies?
A: Not even one iota.  I never even took one of those easy-A film studies classes in college.

Q: What sort of schedule can be expected?
A: We usually watch one or two movies on the weekend, an assortment of films from my Netflix queue that leans heavily towards recent films.  In addition, I would like to do semi-regular movie marathons, but I haven't figured out how those will work themselves into my schedule.  In any event, weekday posting will likely be light, unless I decide to do cold reviews of films that I've watched previously.

Q: What is up first?
A: I have been doing a James Bond marathon that I am 2/3 of the way through, so I am going to get all those posts up.  Then I am going to review the most recent movie I watched.

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